Is Subway Tile Still a Popular Backsplash Option?

Subway Tile seemed to saturate the real estate and renovation market over the last decade, with many homeowners as well as buyers looking for the crisp clean white look within kitchens and bathrooms. As with all home renovation trends, things do indeed tend to fizzle out as new design trends come out, preferences change, and ultimately, a trend becomes more popular over another.

Is this true when it comes to subway tile?

What was once the go to backsplash for kitchens and bathrooms is surprisingly starting to see its end. While some people still prefer the crisp clean look of the white tiles, the white-on-white kitchens aren’t as popular as they once were as both homeowners and buyers are starting to prefer more bold colored kitchens, and thus, more bold backsplash options.

Colorful mosaics and glass backsplashes are taking over, and while subway tile was one the go-to option, it seems that the more popular trends in today’s market include whole slab marble or quartz backsplashes to match your kitchen counters, light teal backsplash with white kitchens, or neutral herringbone patterns. Keeping in mind, that aside from the “countertop” backsplash option, glass tiles are being used in place of the more traditional tile that was used in most subway tile backsplash.

While some design experts would argue that subway tile is a timeless backsplash option for your home, many believe that the tiles date homes to the early 2000’s and are looking for a more modern and colorful option to add vibrancy to their home. The exception to this would be if the kitchen was upgraded with other on trend items, such as green cabinetry to go with the green kitchen trend, and was then accompanied by the white subway tiles as it could create the needed contrast from the green cabinetry.

Ultimately, regardless of trends, the most important thing to think of when renovating or remodeling your kitchen is what you want. While it is always smart to plan for the future and keep your home appealing to buyer’s should you choose to sell later down the line, it is your home after all and you’re the one who should love every renovation both within and outside the walls.

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