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Jennings Lodge Renovations and Remodel

Jennings Lodge Renovations and Remodel – Welcome to Jennings Lodge, a Portland, OR suburb just to the northwest of Gladstone. The community is diverse in its offerings as you can enjoy older craftsman style homes as well as new construction homes in master-planned neighborhoods. Regardless of the home you choose, our team of Jennings Lodge contractors provide the utmost professionalism and quality work to transform your Jennings Lodge house into the home of your dreams.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in Jennings Lodge

Generally, when it comes to remodeling in Jennings Lodge, homeowners are either trying to update the space of an older home, making it more functional for their needs, or those who own newer homes are hoping to add some personalization to their builder grade home. Regardless of the reason for your remodel, our team will discuss your designs and visions in depth to help transform your bathrooms and kitchen, making your remodeling dreams a reality.

Jennings Lodge Renovations and Remodel

Jennings Lodge Kitchen Remodels

We’ve all heard that your kitchen is the heart of your home, and as such, it should be a space that you enjoy. Whether you’re hoping for white cabinets with quartz counter tops, an industrial aesthetic complete with neutral finishes and dark metals or are simply hoping to brighten the space by making it more functional to host friends and family, our team of remodeling experts are here to bring your visions to life.

Jennings Lodge Renovations and Remodel

Jennings Lodge Bathroom Remodels

When it comes to your bathrooms, you shouldn’t feel as if they should be hidden away or tucked into the back of a house. Instead, we strive to allow your bathroom to reflect your personal style and be an extension of the rest of your home, flowing seamlessly within the designs within your house to create a cohesive and flowing finish. Only using the highest quality materials, and decades of bathroom remodeling expertise, your bathrooms are sure to be transformed into a place where you can unwind and relax.

Jennings Lodge Renovations and Remodel

Kitchen and Bathroom Contractors in Jennings Lodge

Our team of experienced contractors have more than 30 years in the industry which is reflected in your kitchen and bathroom remodels. Whether you’re hoping to give your new construction home a hint of personality or are looking to upgrade your existing home, our 4-step remodeling process allows you to be involved each step of the way, from the initial plans to the completed look.

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