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Kitchen Design Trends are always Trending! Although last year presented its own unique set of challenges for families across the United States, one bright spot comes in the way of design. With 2021 in full swing, experts have been noticing different designing trends among household kitchens this year. Some may attribute these new trends to the increased time families have been spending at home. Let’s face it: the longer you live in your house, the more you’ll start to dream up ideas of things to transform inside the home! Here are eight promising kitchen design trends that may inspire you:

2023 Kitchen Design Trends

#1: Mix-and-match metals8 Great Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

According to a recent study done by, many individuals have gained a considerable interest in replacing stainless steel kitchens with more varieties of metals. This presents a great opportunity for people to spice up their kitchen and make it look even more appealing of a place to hang out.

#2: Quartz Countertops

When it comes to keeping kitchen countertops clean, there are few options as both effective and budget-friendly as quartz. That’s why quartz ranks high among families looking to change up their countertops. A man-made material, quartz is known for its high resilience to scratches and stains that come from spilled drinks and other objects.

#3: Kitchen Kaleidoscope

One particularly nice change coming to kitchens this year is the variety of colors in the kitchen. Gone are the days of plain white kitchen walls, cabinets, and floors. Families are moving to spruce up their main cooking space to blend in with the rest of the home and make it more relaxing of an environment to cook, study, and catch up with the rest of the family on the day’s events.

#4: More Tiles

Tile may have been primarily associated with flooring in the old days; however, that time is also past. More and more people are using tile not just for flooring but also for backsplash and even up entire walls of the kitchen. With the right material and the right color, you can turn your kitchen walls into unique, wonderful designs!

#5: Smart Appliances

The advancement of technology has brought about truly wonderful conveniences for the whole family. That includes the kitchen. More families today are seeking the benefits of a smart home by installing smart refrigerators and even touchless faucets to avoid the further spreading of germs.

#6: Gourmet Kitchens

There are more reasons to beef up the use of the kitchen than ever before. With the increased demand in walk-in pantries, top-notch appliances, coffee bars, and double islands, couples can turn that standard kitchen into a dream space for exquisite gourmet cooking!

#7: More Organization

Although open concepts for kitchens was typically the way to go for many families, nowadays that kitchen design has died down due to the lack of organizational space that results from open concepts. In 2021, more families are looking to find ways to add more space for drawers, cabinets, and storage space for clutter. Installing a double island can certainly be a way of answering the questions of where to put things around the home.

#8: Increased Craftsmanship

One of the most interesting trends arising this year is the desire to craft kitchens that last, rather than trendy items online that may fade away and leave little value in the home. Here’s what Mark Cravotta, a designer based in Austin, Texas, noted about this situation: “There’s a trend toward just that these days: things that last. We are really seeing a lot of this across the board, but kitchens get the biggest beating of anything in the house, functioning as both the workhorse and heart of the home, so it takes the most wear—and it’s the place family and guests like to congregate, whether you like them to or not. It deserves the investment.”

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