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Home burglaries are a serious crime that can occur any time. If you haven’t taken steps to protect your home, the infographic below, Security Tools to Keep Your Home Safe, will give you the motivation and the ideas you need to reduce the risk of becoming a target for burglars. If you have been conscientious about protecting your home, the infographic is still worth studying, as it highlights important data and several security devices you may not be aware of.

A data point well worth keeping in mind is that most burglaries occur during the day, not at night. Most of us are diligent about locking up the house before bed, but in reality, doors, windows and the entire property need to be kept secure around the clock.

While still a commonly occurring crime, burglaries have declined slightly in the last couple of years, which may be partly the result of better and less expensive home security tools. With connected monitoring devices, homeowners can keep a careful watch on their property from virtually anywhere in the world. In addition, security and patrol companies provide an extra layer of protection and deterrence to give property owners additional peace of mind.

For more insights and ideas on home burglaries, please continue reading.
Home Burglary Prevention Tips

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Graphic created by Consolidated Protective Services.