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The kitchen is often considered the centerpiece of any home. It’s where the most work is done with preparing meals and gathering together as a family to interact and discuss the events of the day. It can also be the most expensive remodeling project to take on depending on your needs. Cabinets alone can cost over $10,000 depending on which type you want. How does one even go about remodeling a kitchen when there’s a strict budget to stick to? Let’s go over some ideas to help guide you on a financially feasible path to turning your kitchen into one that truly serves your needs.

5 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Start with a solid game plan

Before you even start making serious purchases and hiring a contractor, you need to have a game plan to keep to your budget. Start out by listing, from most important to least important, each item you want to remodel or upgrade in your kitchen. Once this is done, you can present this to the contractor and get a better idea of what you’re up against

Pick neutral colors to repaint

One of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to update your kitchen is by repainting with neutral colors. Maybe you’re not happy with the loud orange splash of paint all over your kitchen walls. Maybe you’d like to bring your kitchen into the 21st century. If you’re unsure what colors to pick, there are some safe, modern options out there for you. Colors like beige, black, grey, and others are common choices that can add some life into your kitchen.

Add a new finish to those cabinets

If your cabinets are in decent shape, there’s no need to replace them automatically. Replacing cabinets is one of the most expensive areas to tackle in a kitchen; therefore, an alternative is needed. Fortunately, refinishing cabinets will often take care of the issue and make them look newer. Adding a fresh coat of paint afterwards will make just about anyone think you purchased new cabinets!

Update appliances

Oftentimes, updating your appliances around the kitchen will do wonders for making it feel new and more efficient. A new dishwasher may be just what you need to improve cleaning dishes and keeping countertops clean and free of piled-up dirty dishes. A new refrigerator can add more space and make your home more energy efficient, resulting in lower monthly utility bills. Whatever the case may be, creating a more efficient and productive environment goes a long way to improving a workspace.

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Keep the layout the same

Ultimately, keeping your overall kitchen layout the same will save you so much extra money that would have been spent moving things around and adding new space if you can’t afford it. It will also keep you from having to redo the plumbing and electrical systems, which would also add more to the cost. Oftentimes, a simple paint job on the walls and cabinets and updated appliances alone can make your kitchen feel new and fresh again.

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