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What Should I Update in My Kitchen Before Selling? Selling your home successfully often comes down to two important factors: presentation and quality. Not only is it important to present your home well to potential buyers, but it’s also even more important to showcase the fact that your home is in great living condition. If a potential buyer thinks the home is poorly managed or will require too much fixing, they will likely walk away. One of the key rooms to ensure the best quality and presentation is the kitchen, for it is the central location where the most daily at-home work is spent.

Unfortunately, simply renovating or remodeling the kitchen alone can cost an average of $20,000. Do you truly need to go all out in updating your kitchen? Hardly! Depending on your situation, you can take a variety of simple steps to update your kitchen, impress any buyer, and sell your home for a reasonable sum. The following are areas you should consider updating before offering your home up for sale:

#1: Paint

One of the simplest, cost-effective areas to update is the paint in your kitchen. Over time, painted areas of the kitchen will look older and can even crack in certain areas. It’s best to give your kitchen the freshest look possible by adding a new coat of paint. If you’d like to even change the colors, that will work too!

How to Update your Kitchen on the Cheap

#2: Cabinets

If your cabinets are already in decent shape, replacing them altogether may be too much of an expensive worth considering. Instead, consider refinishing or re-staining your cabinets to make them look brand new. If they need new door handles or hinges, consider those additions as well.

#3: Backsplash

While not absolutely necessary, adding a backsplash into your kitchen can add a new flare to the kitchen space. Installing backsplash doesn’t have to be complicated, however. Many companies offer stick-and-peel options to make it more convenient for you while still looking professional to any prospective buyer.

How to Upgrade Your House Before Selling Without Spending a Lot of Money

#4: Flooring

With flooring, you have a couple of options in front of you: cleaning it or replacing it. Neither option is inherently better than the other. It all depends on what you’re willing to spend and what will add more value to the home. While vinyl flooring is certainly cost-effective, it likely will not add the most value. Perhaps wooden or ceramic tile flooring is something to consider.

#5: Countertops

Finally, countertops could be considered one of the most important areas to update. Quartz, in particular, is highly popular among buyers looking for countertops that are easy to maintain and have great quality. If replacing your countertops isn’t something you’d like to do, then giving it a fresh cleaning can be just as beneficial to you!

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