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What Is The Trending 2023 Kitchen Work Station? – Are you considering a kitchen remodel? The kitchen is one of the most commonly remodeled spaces in a home. This is because it is one of the most used rooms in a house. Have you heard of the new trend in kitchen sinks? A workstation sink is exactly what you need in your kitchen. You may have heard of this new idea that is revolutionizing kitchen space but don’t know what it is. As you carefully plan out your kitchen remodel, you want to consider all of the design options alongside your remodeling company. To learn more about kitchen workstations, let’s dive in below.What Is The Trending 2023 Kitchen Work Station?

What Is A Kitchen Work Station Sink?

A workstation sink is a solution for all kitchens whether you are dealing with s small or large amount of space. It is essentially a set of accessories set up in a modular way that drops into the top of the sink surface and a ledge that is an unused section of your kitchen. It turns your sink area into a workspace.

This is currently being referred to as the “swiss army knife of sinks”. It is gaining popularity because it allows you to turn your cutting board into a bin that also collects scraps. You will also be able to wash and dry your dishes on the drying rack that rolls out above the sink space. All the tasks that you typically do all over your kitchen can conveniently be done in this efficiently designed workspace.

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Kitchen Work Station Sink Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of a workstation sink is that it gives you additional counter space by covering the sink with needed accessories. It also allows you to easily tidy up after preparing and serving your meals. The sinks are typically deeper and allow you to cover up your mess until you have time to get to it.

Another benefit is reducing the risk of cross-contamination with your food or other daily items that are sometimes placed on the kitchen island. Lastly, what most homeowners love the most is the customization and decluttering of it all.

Work Station Sink Challenges

A workstation sink will cost you more compared to a traditional sink installation. It will be an upgraded item in your remodel design. When you purchase a workstation sink, depending on the brand you decide to go with, you may be forever locked into purchasing their brand’s accessories that are compatible with your workstation sink.

In Conclusion

While you plan your kitchen remodel, consider the functionality in addition to the aesthetics. Take your initial dream and narrow it down into specific details that you need to sort out. Working with a professional remodeling company will be your best decision because they will be able to walk you through your project every step of the way.

They will also help you navigate any potential issues or changes that need to be made to complete your job to the best of your ability.

Whether you are looking to remodel or kitchen or bathroom in your home, contact us. At AAInstall we are committed to superior quality and results in all of your Portland remodel projects. Contact us today for all Portland Oregon Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling and in surrounding areas.