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4 Tile Trends for 2021 – Tiled floors have been around for ages, and there’s a few reasons for it. It’s convenient to lay out, it’s relatively cheap, and it can be as stylish or simple as you choose. A good tile pattern evokes a sense of quality and style. Depending upon your design tastes, the process of choosing the right pattern can be fun and adventurous. Are you unsure of what style to choose? No worries! There are plenty of people with input to offer; in fact, there are almost always yearly trends to help send you in the right direction for what you may want for your own home. Let’s go over some of the top tile trends for 2021!


One of the top tile trends involves the incorporation of soft, wood-like patterns to bring that outdoor vibe into the home itself. If you have an outdoor deck or patio, this type of pattern can truly make the indoor and outdoor areas feel like one. Biophilia can also make the environment feel more calming on those quiet, restful days.

Spa-styled tile

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at the spa, right? As we’re all still navigating through a pandemic season, it’s nice to be able to bring that spa feeling inside the home. That’s why, similar to biophilia, this type of tiling tone can make the bathroom feel relaxing and exuberant. Whether it’s a more neutral tone that you’re searching for or a slightly different tone, this style is meant to bring that outdoor feeling inward. Another great tile trends for 2021

Natural Stone

Natural stone has been a tile trends for years. If you’ve wanted your floors to look like natural stone but can’t afford the cost that goes into it, there’s a tile for that! The people who make the tiles are able to utilize technology in order to take ceramic tiling and shape it into what looks very much like natural stone. It’s even possible to do so without being able to tell there are tile lines at all! This type of style will work perfectly with whatever countertops, medians, or otherwise, you may own that has a type of stone material.

Glossy Tile

If you’re a fan of the exquisite, glossy style of flooring, you’re simply going to love the different types of glossy tile available to you. You can transform that dull, generic flooring into one of class. The downside, however, to this type of tiling lies in the fact that it requires a certain level of maintenance. It also tends to be slippery, which is why you’ll want to ensure the flooring has some type of slip-resistant coating.

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