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If you’re planning on remodeling your home you’re probably overwhelmed with ideas, budgets, costs, materials, and trying to find the right professionals to help you achieve your end result, however, there are a few things that you may be missing, or might wish you had given some extra thought to before starting your remodel. They say hind sight is always 20/20, and when it comes to common remodeling mistakes this couldn’t be more true. Whether you’ve under estimated timelines, set unrealistic budgets, or you’ve pick colors or lights that don’t seem to mesh with the new style of the renovation, try to focus on these three things to ensure you can avoid these common remodeling mistakes.

3 Common Remodeling MistakesTimeline

Not setting an accurate timeline is the single biggest mistake that you can make when beginning or even planning a remodeling project. It’s often easy to see the end result and think it will only take a short period of time before you’re able to enjoy the new space, however, it generally always takes longer than you may expect. As a general rule of thumb, once you’ve set a timeline for your project, you should always factor in a “buffer” whether this be a few days for a simple project, or a few weeks for a larger project, by planning for a longer timeline than what you may be needing, you won’t be left in a last-minute scramble should things not go to plan or take longer than the initial timeline that was set.


This is a huge one, especially in today’s market as many materials seem to be more expensive than they were in the past, making many renovations more expensive than you may be thinking. This can easily cause your project to drastically exceed your initial budget. When planning a remodel or renovation setting an appropriate budget is key, and in doing so, often ample research is involved, additionally, if possible, try setting aside a “just in case” fund should your project exceed what you had budgeted originally.

Colors and Lighting

Often one of the best parts of any home improvement project is picking out the finishing touches. From paint colors, light fixtures, and décor, this is an easy way to truly elevate your project and give it a finishing touch. However, it is also one of the easiest ways to ruin all of the work that was just put into the remodel. Once you have the main parts of the remodel done, before finalizing your decision for light fixtures or paint colors, try to spend some time in the new space. How much light will you need? Will the color be bright enough for the room? Should you go with darker accents? The list of questions to ask yourself could be endless, so spending enough time to finalize your decisions and ensure you are elevating your new renovation and providing the needed light is key.

Whether you’re in the dreaming phase of your remodel, already have your plans drawn up, or are hoping to explore the idea of a remodel or renovation, please feel free to contact one of our design experts at any time and we would love to assist you with your next project.


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