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Have you ever been frustrated with how cold your flooring can be in certain rooms and situations? Wouldn’t it be nice to have consistently warm, comfortable flooring throughout the home? Luckily, there’s a great option for you! Radiant flooring is built specifically to tackle the issue of cold, uncomfortable floors.

If you’ve never heard of radiant floors or aren’t sure how they work, there are two basic types of this flooring. Electric radiant flooring generates heat by heating the wiring underneath the actual flooring. Water radiant flooring generates heat by running hot water through different pipes. Both forms are meant to keep the floor beneath your feet from getting cold and work to maintain comfortable areas to walk.

Radiant Floors Save Energy

There are several reasons to consider buying this type of flooring. First, radiant flooring saves you energy over time, decreasing your electric bills and spreading the heat equally through the house. Normally, one would utilize radiation heat to make it feel more comfortable throughout the home. The downside to this traditional method lies in the fact that not every area of the home gets warmed up equally, thereby costing more energy to spread more heat. Radiant flooring, on the other hand, can be spread throughout the home to whatever rooms you prefer and isn’t affected as much as radiation heat is.

Radiant Floors are Low Maintenance

Second, radiant flooring requires little to no maintenance on your end. Once installed, it can utilize either a Smart Wi-Fi thermostat or a programmable thermostat to heat up during certain parts of the day. No need to worry about something breaking down after a year or two and needing to be replaced!

Radiant Floors Works With Just About All Flooring

Third, radiant flooring works with virtually all types of regular flooring. Whether it’s stone, wood, laminate, or ceramic tile, it doesn’t matter. The radiant flooring will sit nicely underneath, keeping everything above nice and warm.

Radiant Flooring is Safer

Fourth, radiant flooring is safer and more comfortable than traditional radiators. For instance, radiant flooring stays safely underneath your regular flooring and out of the way of small children. Air quality is noticeably improved due to not using the radiator’s high temperatures.

Radiant Flooring is Easier on the Install

Fifth and finally, radiant flooring is relatively easy to install. Gone are the days of worrying about flooring installation. Simply lay down the material and spread it out proportionally. The electric wiring comes already attached to the mesh and ready for laying down.


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