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Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or not, you may have heard the term “kitchen triangle” thrown around. This term is commonly used amongst homeowners as well as design and renovation professionals and refers to a specific work area and flow of a kitchen, this term is also often referred to as the working triangle.

In order to have a kitchen that functions the best, allowing for the most productivity, you should design the kitchen in a way where you have three “points” of a triangle, thus creating a kitchen triangle. Each point will end at a highly functioning spot in your kitchen, most commonly these three points will include your sink, your refrigerator, and your stove.

By using the kitchen triangle system, you are able to be more productive within your kitchen as with a quick pivot and a few steps you can be at one of the 3 triangle points, or rather, one of three most used items and spaces within your kitchen. While the triangle may vary in size pending on your exact kitchen space, when it comes to renovating, as tempting as it may be to spread out, always keep the functionality of the space in mind when working on your designs.

While some people have argued that the kitchen triangle is a thing of the past, most homeowners who have used a kitchen set up in this way back it’s productivity tenfold. The other popular layout that you may choose in lieu of the kitchen triangle could be to organize your kitchen into work zones, for example, you can divide your kitchen into 5 different zones:

  1. Consumables
  2. Non-Consumables
  3. Cleaning
  4. Preparation
  5. Cooking

Using this method can also be efficient, however, when it comes to renovating your kitchen it is best to work closely with a design and renovation professional, explore all of your options, and ultimately choose the style or method that you feel will be the most convenient for your cooking style, as after all, it is your kitchen and your home, so you’ll want to enjoy the work flow you are going to create long term. So, whether you choose a kitchen triangle, organizing your kitchen into kitchen zones, or something else entirely, the key is to enjoy your kitchen.

If you’re hoping to update your kitchen, begin a new renovation, or have questions regarding updates or upgrades to your home, please feel free to contact one of our design experts at any time and we would be more than happy to assist you.


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