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5 Outdated Kitchen Trends

Kitchen trends come and go, and while some love trying to keep up with the trends that change over the years, for others it can grow frustrating trying to keep up. Whether you’re planning a full kitchen remodel or a small renovation, these few kitchen trends may be outdating your kitchen, or prove to be far less useful as you may have initially thought them to be.

Pot Racks

While once wildly popular, pot racks are causing more headaches than anything and have easily become one of the most outdated kitchen trends. The hanging pots are not only visible and exposed within your kitchen, often creating a cluttered appearance or eyesore, however, if there are pots that are used less frequently than others you risk them getting dusty. Instead, try using deep drawer storage systems to neatly organize your pots and pans and keep your kitchen looking clean and free of clutter.

Kitchen Desk

We all secretly have a junk drawer, the beauty of it is that you can close the drawer and pretend it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, when installing a kitchen desk, you’ll more likely than not notice that the desk space turns into a breeding ground for extra papers, mail, etc. or ends up getting in the way of your normal functionality within your kitchen.

Distressed Cabinets

The shabby chic farmhouse inspired kitchen cabinets, while a popular kitchen trend for a while, are a thing of the past. While for some kitchens the look may work, in most cases distressed cabinets can cause your kitchen to look dirtier than it truly is or even rundown instead of crisp and clean, which is what most homeowners and renters prefer in a kitchen space.

Appliance Garage

While the idea of hiding your small countertop appliances was once all the rage, you actually end up sacrificing more counterspace with this outdated kitchen trend. With deep drawers and cabinets, you can easily store most of your appliances in your cabinets or drawers to help save your counter space from becoming cluttered with small appliances such as a toaster or waffle maker.

Tile Countertops

The homey farmhouse inspired kitchens saw a lot of tile work in the late 90s, especially tiled kitchen countertops, and while some fell in love with the trend, it became quickly outdated. One of the main reasons these countertops grew in popularity was due to affordability, however, cleaning the grout and keeping them crumb free is not for the faint of heart.

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