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Kitchen remodels are easily one of the biggest home improvements that homeowners will make. Whether a small face lift, some touch up paint, new flight fixtures, or a full gut and remodel, kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home and can easily boost your property value or diminish it. Ultimately, regardless of trends or current designs, the most important thing to remember during a kitchen reno is that it is your kitchen, and thus, you should enjoy the styles and functionality despite what trends may say.

Keeping in mind that each homeowner has their own unique tastes and styles, there are a few kitchen trends that simply didn’t seem to work out or can ruin even the best of kitchens.

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Visible Trash Cans

Even the most luxurious kitchen can be easily ruined by one of the most common kitchen eyesores, a trash can. Visible trash cans are something you should try to avoid at all costs. Instead, try converting one of your cabinets to a pullout system, this keeps your trash cans contained and is much more visibly appealing to both the homeowners as well as guests.

Oversized Refrigerator

While we’ve all dreamt of having ample fridge and freezer space, the idea that you can purchase an oversized fridge and fit it within a small space is far from ideal. For example, if you have a counter depth fridge, upgrading to a larger style will cause your fridge to protrude from the counter and take up too much space, eliminating the walkable and usable space within the kitchen. Instead, try getting an additional fridge or freezer for your garage to help add extra space.

Dim/Mood Lighting

It’s no secret that the lighting of a room can drastically change the vibe, and as tempting as it may be to enjoy a drink at your kitchen island, mood lighting should be left at the bars. Dimly lit kitchens can cause the space to feel much smaller than they truly are, not to mention lead to potential hazards or injuries while prepping and cooking meals.

Oversized/Spaced Out

There is nothing wrong with having a large kitchen, in fact, the idea of having a spacious kitchen is a dream amongst many homeowners and homeowner hopeful’s, however, when renovating a kitchen you want to ensure that regardless of the kitchens size, the space is still usable and you stick to the kitchen “triangle.”

If you’re hoping to update your kitchen, begin a new renovation, or have questions regarding updates or upgradesto your home, please feel free to contact one of our design experts at any time and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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