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That’s a loaded question, for sure. How long does a remodel take? It all depends on what you are remodeling. But, a good rule of thumb with just about any construction company out there, it will probably take longer, and cost more than you originally intended. And this is why it is important to understand all of the details when it comes to remodeling, renovation projects, and installation costs, labor, and time.

Any company that guarantees without an extensive investigation that they can complete a job in an exact amount of time, is either lying or delusional. We never know what we are going to encounter when taking on a remodel project. Remodel means we are altering what’s already there rather than building from the ground up and depending on the age of the home and what we have to deal with, a lot of issues we may not find until after we’ve already started on the project.

How Long Does a Remodel Take?How Long Does a Remodel Take

I know that that doesn’t give you a lot of hope, but we want to be as honest and transparent with our clients as possible. We want to do investigative research ahead of time to give you the most accurate information possible with both time and budget. If you are removing walls, we never know what were going to find behind that wall so we want to give you more of a price range and a time frame rather than exact figures.

This can be difficult to manage. If you have a certain time frame in which work needs to be completed, hours during the day that cannot be used for the remodeling, or, your tight on your budget. This is why we work specifically with each one of our clients to work up a plan and contingencies if the worst should happen.

If everything runs smoothly, chances are we will finish ahead of time and under budget. This is always the goal but again, every single project, home, and property is different. From radon and asbestos, to lead paint, mold, and toxins, we never know what we are going to encounter when we really start breaking into the house.

Simple remodeling projects like replacing cabinets, adding countertops, flooring, or even outdoor projects, can offer a more precise time frame and budget. Major projects such as room additions, tearing down load-bearing walls and replacing major structural components to a house can open a can of worms and while that’s never guaranteed, we do keep it in mind.

When researching and planning out all contingency strategies, we talk about the age of your home, what we are likely to encounter and how we deal with it. It’s that problem-solving and solution-finding that set us apart. We want to be honest with you and tell you every detail that could potentially go wrong, how we solve these issues, and the experience we have behind our guarantee. We want your customer service experience to be fun and for you to enjoy your remodel for decades to come.

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So, how long does a remodel take? You can see that there are hundreds of variables but with the right communication, transparency, and honesty, we can give you as precise of a time estimate as possible. Contact our office at any time to schedule a consultation, budget meeting, or just bounce some ideas off a new remodel project that you’d like to undertake.