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What is the Difference Between Remodeling and Renovating a Home? When it comes to updating an existing home, it can be natural to use the words “remodeling” and “renovating” to mean the same thing. However, these words mean two different things to contractors and professionals. Additionally, these words bring in different types of expenses to you, the homeowner, as the work in your home gets done. It’s important to recognize these differences and decide which method of updating your home is right for you.

What is a home remodel?

Remodeling a home typically means restructuring entire sections of the home with the goal of transforming the home into something better. Perhaps it involves knocking out walls to open up more space or combining two bedrooms into one or even changing the entire layout of a room. Remodeling a home almost guarantees the need to hire professionals due to the amount of work involved in transforming a dated, closed-in home into a more modern, pristine space.

What is a home renovation?

The idea of renovating is to restore, fix, or update certain features of the home without completely changing the layout. Repainting cabinets, replacing doorknobs or windows, and updating certain features and appliances are examples of a home renovation. Unlike a remodel, a renovation can involve several smaller-step processes over time. Depending on what you’re looking to renovate, often these tasks can be completed without professional help and with simpler, cheaper methods.

How to choose which method is right for you

If you’re unsure whether it would be wiser to renovate or remodel your home, there are a number of things to consider.

First, are you intending to move in the near future? Because of how time-consuming the moving process can be, a simple renovation may be your best bet to add more value to the home and focus more on moving. However, if you intend to stay put for a while or your house faces some major areas in need of repair, a remodel may serve you better in the long run. Despite the increased cost, remodeling your home can not only add value but also improve the experience of living in your home in general. For instance, remodeling the kitchen can not only add more space for you and your family to use but also add tremendous value when it comes time to sell.

Now that you know the differences between remodeling and renovating a home, you should be better equipped to figure out which path is right for you!