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If there’s one thing we’ve learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the importance of keeping things clean. This principle is especially true in the home. Although more people are making their way back into the outside workforce, there are still a healthy number of individuals working from home. Not only are people looking for new and efficient ways to keep their homes clean, but they are also looking at what rooms need renovating.

Top Bathroom Trends for 2021

The bathroom takes the cake for one of the most sought-after rooms needing improvement in 2021 – both in terms of cleanliness and style. Let’s go over some of the top bathroom trends this year!

Colors of Comfort and Durability

The status quo of boring, forgettable colors in the bathroom trends is out the door. Nowadays, more people are looking to add more character to their secondary “office.” The trend for 2021 is warmer colors that are both comforting and vibrant. Alongside this trend is the importance of keeping the paint durable against the moisture buildup of a bathroom. Choosing the right type of paint for your bathroom means fewer times you’ll have to clean the walls.

Floating Vanities

One of the interesting trends this year is the surge of interest in floating vanities. As people look at improving used space, more and more are discovering the appeal. Not only does a floating vanity add a unique style, but it also makes it easier to clean the bathroom floors. You can still utilize storage space with the right type of vanity without making it look like there’s a giant box to one side of the bathroom.

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Larger tiled walls

Rather than filling bathroom walls with small, unappealing tiling, larger tiled walls are making its way into people’s bathrooms. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, it creates fewer grout lines across the wall; and this removes extra areas to clean and fewer opportunities for mold and mildew to grow and spread over time. Second, it’s simply more appealing to have bigger tiles mixed with different types of stone-like materials. If you have a stand-in shower, this addition will add extra beauty to the space!

Quartz Countertops

A great way to add beauty to your countertops while also being efficient is to install quartz countertops. Quartz is widely known to be resistant to scratches and stains. It’s also sleek and beautiful as a vanity countertop. If you’ve been fighting stains and aging in your countertops and are looking for improvement, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better material to use!

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