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Completing a bathroom remodel is a huge way to help boost your home’s value, modernize the space, and make your house feel more like home. While the renovations are nearly always guaranteed to elevate your home, the easiest way for them to go wrong is by taking on too big of project, when you more than likely should have hired a professional. The list of things that could go wrong is lengthily and depends on multiple different factors such as the style of your remodel, the size of the space, the amount of work needed, etc. however, these are a few of the most common things that could go wrong should you choose a more DIY approach.

3 Common Mistakes of a DIY Bathroom RemodelThe Fan

While they aren’t always the most visually appealing feature in your bathroom, they make a huge difference in keeping your bathroom(s) humidity controlled, and in turn, help eliminate the risk of mold growth and mildew. If you’re expanding your bathroom, chances are you’ll need a bigger and better fan, don’t forget to investigate your options.

The Materials

As luxurious as some materials may look, they aren’t meant for bathrooms. Because bathrooms are in high moisture areas, ensuring that you choose the right materials that are able to withstand not only the high moisture levels, but also drastic temperatures are key in eliminating potential mold and mildew, warped cabinetry, flooring, etc.

Ignoring the Small Stuff

Even the smallest mistakes in a bathroom remodel can lead to big consequences. Not caulking around the toilet or tub, leaving a small gap, even if hidden, in the tile flooring, etc. can not only create eyesores later down the line, but can also act as the perfect space for moisture to settle, often leading to black mold that will require a lot more work than simply fixing the small or minor “mistakes” while conducting your bathroom remodel.

It is important to make sure that when deciding to do a bathroom remodel you plan from step one all the way through completion, budget accordingly, do your research, and don’t leave anything out, no matter how small. If you want to discuss your remodeling vision with a professional, or get a better idea of budgets, materials needed, etc. make sure to contact a local bathroom remodeling specialist who can assist you with all of your questions and ensure that your bathroom ends of being a space that you love.

If you’re currently considering a bathroom remodel, are ready to start your next home improvement project, or would like to speak to one of our design and renovation specialists, please feel free to contact our office at any time.


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