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Have you ever considered adding a new bathroom into your home? Perhaps you only have one bathroom but live in an upstairs home and would like one for each floor. Maybe the bathroom you currently have lacks sufficient space to properly utilize storage. You could even be desiring a renovation to bring your bathroom further into the 21st century. Whatever your reasoning may be, adding or expanding a new bathroom takes a lot of work and tends to add a hefty amount of expenses in the process. It’s important for you to be informed of the average costs so you can make the right decision now rather than be surprised at the cost later.

Average Cost

If you’re looking to add to an existing space of a bathroom but aren’t necessarily interested in making it fancy, you’ll likely pay anywhere from $5,000-15,000 and perhaps more. If you’re wanting to add an additional bathroom into the home, be prepared to shell out at least $20,000-90,000. A major factor contributing to the high costs is the plumbing situation. If you’re looking to add a new bathroom, you will likely need to develop a new line of plumbing to properly utilize the space. That process isn’t cheap, even for an average-looking bathroom. The good news, however, is that by adding a new bathroom into your home, you likely raise the value of the home altogether. If done properly, the added bathroom can make selling your home in the future more profitable.

Master Bathroom

Adding a master bathroom can really sink the budget, particularly if the bathroom is designed to be more luxurious. Look at spending anywhere from $35,000-100,000. A word of advice: try taking advantage of an already-existing plumbing line if available. This can save you thousands of dollars that it would take to incorporate a new one.

Bathroom Extensions

Building an extension to your existing home can certainly add value and utilize more space; however, doing so can be quite costly. If you’re incorporating a bathroom into the extension of the home, expect to put down up to $70,000. This includes adding in a new foundation, walls, flooring, bathroom and more. The bathroom alone will take up the majority of the costs, especially if you have to add a new plumbing line. That said, the added value of the home can go up dramatically if built properly.

While there are plenty of additional scenarios to consider when adding a bathroom, the moral of the story is to pay special attention to your budget and consider the added value of the home. If you’re planning to stay in the home for an extended period of time, then adding a new bathroom could do you and your family a great service!


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