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What’s the Most Popular Flooring for a 2021 Remodel? Both 2020 and 2021 have seen an exponential number of remodels as many people began staying home to quarantine or shifted to remote work, and thus, many homeowners began to renovate and upgrade their homes to fill their free time at home. While there have been multiple different renovations and upgrades, one common renovation amongst homeowners has been with upgrading the floors throughout their homes. While there are a multitude of different flooring types and styles, and some may fit different areas of your home better than others, these are the top flooring options for 2021.

#1 Vinyl

Wildly popular for those on a budget, vinyl has come a long way in the past decade. From its durability, easy install, and elevated look, vinyl is taking the renovation industry by storm. While vinyl floors were once looked at as a “cheap” option, and often lacked an authentic visual appearance, in today’s market, vinyl flooring can look near identical to real wood or stone flooring, both of which are two of the more popular flooring trends in the 2021 market.

#2 Tile

The classic elegance of tile is growing in popularity. Because tile is waterproof, many homeowners who want a cohesive flooring throughout their home are turning to tile as it can act as a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, living rooms, etc., allowing for the same flooring to stretch throughout the home.

#3 Laminate

While lower on the list than it has been in past years, laminate is still a popular option for those looking to upgrade their flooring. Laminate flooring is best known for providing a durable and yet more affordable alternative to true hardwood flooring, and with different finishes can fit nearly all design styles.

While some homeowners still love the softness of carpet, the flooring option has lost popularity among many 2021 renovations. Instead of installing carpet in bedrooms or even living rooms, many homeowners are choosing to instead, use one of the above three options and then use area rugs to help separate the space or create that extra comfort and softness that only carpet provides.

If you’re ready to begin a remodel, have plans for a home renovation, or have any questions regarding upgrading and renovating your home, please feel free to contact one of our design professionals at any time.


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