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Sealing countertops is something that unfortunately isn’t thought of by many homeowners, and many are left with stained or damaged counters even if they are only a few years, or even a few months old. This is especially devastating if you’ve purchased a new construction home, only to find a huge oil stain on your new counters. What’s even more frustrating is finding out that the stain could have been avoided by a simple DIY trick that helps with preventative maintenance.

Sealing countertops is a very easy task and doesn’t take more than an hour generally to complete, keep in mind that this excludes cure time. Many homeowners as well as renters often have the assumption that stone countertops are invincible, however this isn’t the case with all types of stone, especially granite. Granite is the only countertop at risk and any stone that is porous should be sealed.

What Happens if you Don’t Seal Countertops?

A few different things can take place if you leave your countertops as is without sealing them, the two most common being:

  1. Staining: because the material is porous this simply means that it will absorb liquid, this can be water, soaps, oils, etc. and once absorbed it can often leave a quite unflattering stain that you are unable to clean or remove.
  2. Etching: Countertop etching is essentially damage or wear and tear to your countertops. This is most commonly seen in high traffic areas of your kitchen surfaces, such as near the sink, or prep spaces and can appear as a dull mark which often contains calcium carbonate.

Most professionals agree that if you have porous countertops in your home, then you should be sealing countertops annually to help prevent the risk of damage or staining. Whether you choose a DIY approach and grab some sealant from your local hardware store, of if you’d prefer to leave the work to the professionals, caring for your countertops is a great way to extend their life and keep your kitchen looking its best for years to come.

If you’re hoping to update your kitchen, begin a new renovation, or have questions regarding updates or upgrades to your home, please feel free to contact one of our design experts at any time and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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