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It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do. Whether it’s walls, fencing, a fireplace, or even the ceiling, painting can update, uplift, and change the look of a room or location dramatically. If you’re looking to up your paint game, here are 6 DIY paint projects to consider.

6 DIY Paint Projects

#1. Paint your pots.

Large terra-cotta pots are excellent vessels for paint. If you’re up cycling old pots and containers, give them a good spray down with a pressure washer or a hose to wash off any dirt and debris and then let them dry completely. If you use paint with Weather shield, you won’t need a separate primer. Brush on two coats and allow drying in between. You can paint designs, Art Deco layouts, or simply one color to create a unique front porch, back porch, or deck.

#2. Paint your bricks.

Bricks can be painted and if you’re renovating a fireplace, offense, or even a large brick wall, you can paint it to create a new look or even fake and old look. Rustic brick, stone washed brick, or peeling paint brick can all add a unique architectural look to a room. It’s best to spray bricks by cleaning them first with a hose or broom, and using a spray gun. You don’t need special paint, just a good quality exterior paint, even if you’re painting bricks on the inside.

#3. Paint your mirror.

Painting a frame around a mirror really at a unique look to a bedroom or bathroom. If you’re painting metal, you’ll want to use a metal primer that comes in a spray can so it’s easy to use. Mask off the mirror and then only to the area well before spraying. Metal colors, patina, and unique finishes are excellent options for painting mirror frames.

#4. Paint your staircase.

Painting the design on wooden stairs or even railings can add a unique look to a staircase. Make sure you choose paint that is appropriate for the surface and prime ahead of time finishing with a coat of sealer.

#5. Paint your cabinets.

Chalk paint, cabinet paint, and a good coat of polyurethane can breathe new life into old cabinets. Make sure you use paint that is appropriate for the surface material. New hardware, and a fresh coat of paint can really change at the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

#6. Paint a pattern.

Painting a pattern or free handing it onto a wall creates a unique and custom look. Whether it’s a Moroccan-inspired design, Chevron stripes, or stenciling, a unique design and pattern on the wall or at least one accent wall can really be a unique addition to any room.

If you need any help with professional painting, or paint projects in the Portland metro area, give us a call at any time. Whether it’s simply painting or a full-on home renovation, trust your next remodeling and update project to Advanced Alterations and Installations.


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