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When planning a bathroom renovation, shower heads aren’t often on the top of your list of items to research. Unfortunately, a beautifully remodeled bathroom can be essentially ruined by installing the wrong shower head. And while there isn’t truly a right or wrong when it comes to shower heads, understanding the different styles available is key in choosing the one that will not only fit within your bathrooms style, but provide you with your wanted water pressure and functions. The most common shower heads include fixed, rain, handheld, and filtered.


This is the most commonly used among homeowners and renters, and is simply mounted to the wall, often smaller in size, and the “standard” for most bathrooms. A few perks of using this style is that the cost is generally low, and they are reliable and come in a few different styles such as the basic fixed showerhead, or a fixed showerhead with adjustable spray settings, most commonly seen with a twist feature to adjust pressure and stream.


The main different between the rain and the fixed heads is the size. Fixed heads are generally 5” or less in diameter, whereas rain heads are more than 6” and generally allow for a larger spray area. The only downside to these being that the larger the head gets, often the lower the pressure.


Easily one of the most popular options for those conducting home improvements, a handheld shower head gives you the freedom to use the head as a fixed head as well as a handheld, making this both a versatile, and in most cases, a very modern addition or upgrade.


Filtered is a great option for those who live in areas with hard water or want cleaner or more pure water when showering. Commonly used for those with dry skin or frizzy hair, filtered shower heads help reduce the amount of chlorine or scale that may be in your water.

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