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Is Carpet Considered Outdated?

For some, the feeling of soft carpet on your bare feet is nothing short of luxurious, however, what was once the go-to flooring option is losing its popularity leaving many homeowners to believe that carpeted floors are now outdated. There are a few different reasons that the once popular flooring option is losing popularity among homeowners. Many feel as if carpet can cause more issues than provide luxury.

Common Cons of Carpet

While carpet was once used widely due to having such a large range of styles and affordability, ranging from cheaper flooring often used in rentals, to more luxurious and lush options with thick pads for added comfort, many of the above-mentioned cons started to phase the flooring option out. Due to the difficult cleaning methods and trapped dust particles that settle below the carpet, many homeowners as well as apartments and rentals have opted for a flooring type that is more easily cleaned and sanitized to help limit how often flooring needs to be replaced.

You may have heard that most carpet has a long-life expectancy, generally around 10 years, this doesn’t factor in stains and spills, pet damage, odor, etc. which can easily drop the life expectancy drastically and in many cases, the damage can only be fixed by replacement. For those who still love the soft plush feel of carpet but are worried about the maintenance and potential replacements that it may cause, there are alternative options that are growing in popularity and more “on trend.”

With oversized area and throw rugs in all styles and designs, as well as rugs that can be washed easily, many homeowners are embracing alternative flooring options such as hardwoods, tile, vinyl, etc. and then using large throw rugs to either add the softer flooring to make the room feel cozy, or even add a pop of color or statement piece to their home. Area rugs are also a great way to help break up solid flooring and separate open spaces into a more defined rooms without closing off the area and maintaining an open concept.

If you’re hoping to update the flooring throughout you home, regardless of flooring type, are planning a home improvement project or a renovation, or would like to speak to one of our design experts, please feel free to contact our office at any time.


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