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How to Clear the Clutter and Organize Your Bathroom

A well-organized bathroom is essential to calmer mornings and evenings. Utilizing clever storage solutions allows you to add functionality and space to your powder room. Read on to find out how to bring organization to your shelves, vanity drawers, countertop and under-sink area.

A vanity drawer could quickly turn into an endless pit of junk without a touch of organization. Consider dividing the space using office supply containers, bowls, silverware holders or small baskets. This lets you keep items such as hair styling products, deodorant and grooming accessories organized. Drawer dividers may also help simplify your morning makeup search. You won’t have to dig for your favorite eyeliner or mascara when all of the products are in their place.

Whether your bathroom is big or small, these savvy storage ideas could help you add space and stay organized. For more ways on how to designate storage locations for items, see the accompanying resource.

How to Clear the Clutter and Organize Your Bathroom

How to Clear the Clutter and Organize Your Bathroom

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