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Moroccan decor is starting to find its way into more and more homes as the design trend seems to be a new go-to amongst interior designers. One of the best parts of choosing to incorporate Moroccan decor is its versatility as well as its ability to be incorporated as little or as much as you’d like. While the style is often known for deep rich colors, more designers are sticking to the more neutral and earthy colors as a base with a few pops of the more rich and traditional colors such as the deep maroons, bold blues, and earthy mustard yellows.

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Moroccan Decor Is Gaining PopularityGold accents are commonly used within the style, and while many designers prefer to keep the gold to a minimum, the accent can be a stunning addition to the style, from gold hardware throughout your home, light fixtures, floating shelves, or trinkets on shelving, the metallic of gold offers a great contrast against the more traditional wicker found within Moroccan decor.

Woven baskets are often hung on walls, commonly placed together to create a statement wall, the baskets often range in sizes as well as colors to create a near custom piece of art. In addition to the baskets, floor pillows and round cushioned foot pedestals, or ottomans, are great accent pieces to add to your living rooms as well as bedrooms. Many pieces within Moroccan decor will be adorned with tassels, or mandala inspired designs. If you find you prefer the mandala styles, make sure other patterns within the room are minimal as you don’t want the designs to clash.

While live plants aren’t as commonly used within Moroccan decor as other styles, a few plants that mesh well with the style include agave, aloes as well as different styles of cacti. Many of these plants are used to high levels of sunlight and require little water so if you plan to incorporate them into your home’s decor, make sure they receive ample light from windows, or have some form of grow lights nearby to help with growth.

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As with all styles, trends come and go, and while Moroccan decor may not last for years to come, when sticking to the more neutral hues with a few pops of color you can easily create a timeless look that is interchangeable with multiple other design elements and styles allowing you to change your style frequently without having to completely re-do every decor piece within your home.

If you’re hoping to elevate the style of your home, are ready to start your next home improvement project, or have questions on your next remodel, please feel free to contact one of our design experts and we would be more than happy to assist you.