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Easy Ways to Incorporate Industrial Design in Your Modern Home

Industrial design has been popular over the past few decades, and while once a full exposed brick wall and hanging Edison lights were the go-to design features, there are many easier ways that you can help give your modern home a little bit of an industrial feel without breaking the bank or incorporating a huge design feature that takes up most of your home.

Light Fixtures

Often the easiest way to transform any space is by updating your light fixtures, however Edison bulbs aren’t the only thing to look for. The Industrial Design is made up of lots of exposed metals and a more minimalistic sense of style. Find a few light fixtures that boast exposed lighting, with metal accents and frames and instantly add a little bit of industrial design to your home. Likewise, many floor lamps can be a great statement to add a little more design to your home, gears and metal pulls are great options to boost the style.

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There isn’t much white in industrial design but rather more dark metals and cool neutrals such as grey. Try updating the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms with dark metal knobs and pulls to add the perfect touch of industrial design without spending a fortune or starting a huge home improvement project. This quick update can easily be completed in a few hours and yet still transform your space.


If your budget allows, adding in a few new pieces of furniture may be the perfect addition to your home. Whether it’s floating shelves, a new floor lamp, metal framed coffee table, accent chair, etc. you can make a big statement and change the design of your home with just a few new furniture pieces.

Rust Accent Colors

As with most designs, it’s often all about the accent colors that are incorporated throughout your home. While you can indeed make a plethora of colors work within industrial design, there is one color that seems to be the most popular, rust. A deep red/orange is the perfect pop of color without taking away from the design elements within your home. Additionally, house plants are a great way to bring a pop of green without clashing with the other colors and designs.

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Whether you’re planning on changing your interior design altogether, want to add a few new accents to boost your design style, or if you want to start a new home renovation project, please feel free to contact our office at any time and one of our design experts would love to discuss your next project with you.


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