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Bathrooms often double as both a functional room as well as a design feature within your home. With the cooler, and often rainier weather of Winter upon us, many people are choosing to give their bathrooms a little boost in color and design.

While there are many different renovations that can be done to boost the décor of your home, live plants are not only a great design element, but can also help with the air quality in your home while providing a little boost of color to get you through the darker months ahead. If you’re hoping to add a little color to your bathroom, try putting one of these plants on the counter, on a floating shelf, over the shower head, etc.

6 Bathroom Plants That ThriveBamboo

While bamboo can be invasive if planted in the ground, it makes a great container plant, and pending on the specific variant you choose, the plant can be manipulated to grow into a variety of different shapes and designs, adding a great design element to your home.

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Thriving with the high humidity levels that bathrooms often provide, eucalyptus is a very common plant due to its minty aroma that is often released with the steam of a hot shower or bath.


One of the most popular choices for those who want a pop of color, bromeliads thrive in nearly all indoor conditions, even with limited light. They love the humidity of showers as well as high levels of air circulation which is often provided from your bathroom fan. A huge highlight of Bromeliads is that they boast extremely long, colorful, and vibrant blooms, so picturesque that they may be mistaken as a fake plant.

Cast-Iron Plant

A great choice for beginners, the Cast-Iron plant is quite durable and difficult to kill. While it does enjoy humidity, it doesn’t require high levels of humidity which makes this a great choice for water closets, or bathrooms that aren’t used as often, such as a guest bath.


Thriving in shaded environments and able to withstand high temperature changes as well as changing humidity levels, ferns are quite durable and adapt to many different spaces.


Another great option if you’re looking for a flowering plant, orchids are best for bathrooms that are used regularly and have great temperature control as orchids can’t get too cold. Boasting blooms that last for weeks, Orchids are great space fillers for countertops as well as shelving.

Whether you’re looking for a small bathroom upgrade, or a full bathroom remodel, feel free to contact our office and one of our design experts would love to assist you.