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Would you believe that bathrooms are the number one remodeled place in a home? They are usually small, which can make the whole process a lot quicker and easier. Smaller space usually means a lower cost and fewer materials to purchase. Whether you are going to try to DIY this project or hire a professional, take a look at some of the tips below before you get started. It is important to get a baseline of information before you budget and plan out the remodel.

Built In’s8 Easy Tips for A Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom is a small space. If you are in a small space you want to maximize it so build everything in, instead of out. Use built-ins for soap dishes or cabinets so that you can have as much available room as possible. You can even build in your lighting so that it is recessed and makes the ceiling space appear higher.


Every bathroom needs ventilation. This is by code, so you can’t ignore it. You either need some kind of window or exhaust fan. If you are using a fan, you need to look at its capacity and cubic feet. Finally, pay attention to their noise levels, this can be a big deal, especially in a small bathroom.


Yes, plants! It is a whole house trend. Adding living plants to your bathroom brings color and life. You can use one of your built-ins as a shelf or add a floating shelf.


Pay attention to your flooring material. You want what will be aesthetic but also practical. Consider using ceramic or porcelain tile, vinyl plank, or vinyl tiles. Ultimately you want something that will withstand the use.


You can adjust a small space with color. Your color palette can make a space look bigger than it is. Keep your bathroom in a white or light color palette. Dark colors will always make a room feel smaller than it is.


Bathrooms are a place where people get ready and look at themselves. You need a great lighting fixture above and around the bathroom mirror. Nothing too bright or blinding.

Hanging Items

With the use of a shower or bath, you need an opportunity to hang wet towels. Hooks are a great way to do this without adding clutter to the countertop. Use the back of the door for this to make the best use of your small space.


Mirrors can be used for more than checking yourself or getting ready. They can be used to create a visual expansion of the room. Adding a second mirror can be useful in maximizing the appearance of the space.

However you go about remodeling your bathroom, consider the above tips. Using these ideas will give you a great standout bathroom that will be efficient for your everyday use. Always do your research and if you feel like you need additional help and advice with your remodeling project, contact us. We would be happy to assist you!

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